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5 Things I learned (re-learned) in 2008

2008 was the year of confessed economic crisis in the United States. 2008 was the year everyone declared ‘change’. 2008 was just the beginning of families coming back to what matters most – each other. In these times of economic difficulties, people were forced to stay home in order to just put gas in their vehicle for work. Time spent at home seems to be a new found enjoyment. Board games, home cooked meals, reading books…now some may have done these activities before, but I’m sure all can agree that the number of people doing these activities has increased tremendously.

The first thing I (re)learned in 2008 is to enjoy going back to my roots.

This past year has been a year of transformation. Friends have learned the joy that comes when enjoying the company of loved ones over for home cooked pot-pie 😉 I have learned to not take things for granted and be thankful for my family who love me so much and accept me as I am (trust me, that’s a challenge). To love those around me because there is less value in money when compared to the value of loved ones here, now. Sitting and talking to my mother or family from the Philippines has been refreshing and reminded me that I love big families.

Keep on truckin’

Working in healthcare has definitely taken its toll on my stress level this past year. 2008 was a year to break trends and create a new pattern (people working in LTC know what I’m talking about). Being in Sales and Marketing, we rely heavily on trending and forecasting when creating budgets and goals for the upcoming year. If there was a run chart of business transactions, not effort, the line would be hugging the x-axis…in other words, business was not how I preferred it to be in 08. However, for every surprise or uncontrollable outcome I was able to stay focused and keep truckin’. All of the activity my department has been doing has not been in vain as the outcomes have been very positive. So stay focused, keep your eye on the prize. You WILL get there! A great phrase I learned from Mary Kay is ‘plan your work, work your plan’.

Reading is fun

I have learned to turn the television off and open the book J Okay okay, I must admit that I have been labeled as the ‘nerd’ amongst my friends. I have always been addicted to non-fiction books. However, this year I have learned to appreciate fiction. Nothing is better than to become enraptured by an author’s book that makes you think, feel and see things new and different. I AGREE that books are better than movies. I would have been the first to disagree in 2007, but not this year. I will read a 400 page book (if it’s really good of course) over a 2-3 hour movie any day (unless the actors are good looking;)

iPhones ROCK!

I am sure everyone wants an iPhone because of the status it may claim. As for myself I was more of a Blackberry type of girl, still kind of am when it comes to the calendar and receiving emails…Last year I received an iPhone for Christmas. Amazing gift. Not what I wanted. Those I told of my disappointment just gave me a look of disgust and disapproval. For business purposes I was not receiving my emails in a timely manner nor was I able to manipulate the calendar in ways I am used to…for example, with a Blackberry. Finally, I have learned to appreciate and LOVE the iPod features, App Store and Maps. The iPod has given me an outlet to enjoy an endless amount of music, videos and especially…drumroll please…podcasts and audiobooks. Whether I am in my car, office, home, room, walking on a deserted street in the middle of nowhere bored out of my mind, I can always feel at peace to know I can listen to a motivational book, watch crazy podcasts or sing along with some Kings of Leon.

Last but not least:

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Between economic hardships, challenging times at work and other stressful people I have let go of the common saying ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’. As a matter of fact I have the book from when that mentality was all the rage. It is time to wipe of the dust and re-read. The news continuously showed murders, beatings and even road rage. We just need to let go of the small stuff, not take everything personally (especially in a business environment) and focus on what matters most. Being in healthcare, I know the importance to take care of your body as it is your vessel for this limited journey called life. Stress weakens your immune system (it does mine), makes you break out, lose loved ones, get fired, get hurt, gives heart palpitations and high blood pressure to name a few. So don’t sweat it. Let it go.

These are the things I have (re)learned in 2008 and will bring with me into 2009 in hopes of an improved Pribble.  Just thoughts I’m sharing…hope some of you can relate.

Make it a great day!


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