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Good Magazine.

*from pinkmagazine.com

*from pinkmagazine.com

A close friend, a female business professional, shared the wonderful world of PINKPINK is a magazine targeted toward female entrepreneurs and business leaders.  Every issue covers topics regarding techniques to increase revenue, maximize your personal marketability in the workforce, balance worklife with personal life and the list goes on and on.

A benefit of this magazine, in my opinion of course, is the reality of women climbing mountains and surpassing male counterparts.  No offense to the men, but let’s face it women like to hear that they can do it and are encouraged especially when another woman has crushed the glass ceiling in Corporate America.  Another benefit from PINK is the overabundance of resources available, not only from the magazine but also from the website pinkmagazine.com.  So, if you are a night owl like me you will find the website very useful.  Sometimes I get the itch to do business research at 1 a.m. and PINK is readily available for me online with articles, suggested readings and informational videos.

An investment of $15 for 12 issues will hardly break the bank.  Especially in these difficult economic times, businesses are constantly trying to find new and innovative ways to increase revenue or just keep the business they currently have.  Trust me, I know and I welcome every resources and idea I stumble across.


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