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Health Insurance.

An important topic in the Presidential Election for 2008 is Health Insurance.  How many of you know exactly what your insurance covers?  Does the plan you currently have meet you and your family’s specific need?  Perhaps you have signed up with an insurance company and not know what product you agreed to purchase?

There are many issues from healthcare costs rising to insurances denying coverage for certain procedures.  As I have learned the sharpest, strongest, most lethal weapon for defense is education!  Learn about your insurance coverage, ask your insurance company questions and definitely do not sign anything without first completely understanding what it is you are signing.  I cannot recall the number of people I have met that do not remember enrolling in an insurance plan.  I will hear comments such as, “grandma said someone visited her, she signed some papers and she doesn’t know what the papers were,” or “they told me anyone will take this insurance.” 

A few websites I have stumbled across are:

Frequently-Asked Questions on Health Insurance – This website has good questions to ask when researching insurance.

America’s Health Insurance Plans – This website is for ‘a national trade association representing nearly 1,300 member companies providing health benefits to more than 200 million Americans.

Hi-Wire – Good resource for Healthcare News.  A link is also provided on the site covering 2008 Medicare and Medicaid Conferences regarding Presidential Candidates plans for Healthcare Reform.

A great website to visit is your insurance provider’s website.  Insurance companies generally have up to date news with preventative care, diagnoses and products they provide.

Blue Cross Blue Shield has a new approach towards finding new ways to provide better products and services.  If you have a moment, take the time to check it out and hear what people have to say:  The Power of the Human Voice

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