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Skilled Nursing Facilities

Mom or dad may have just been advised by his or her physician they may need a Skilled Nursing Facility.  Perhaps you have scheduled an elective surgery such as knee or hip replacement and need to go to a Skilled Nursing Facility to assist with your recovery process.

First of all you may be asking yourself a ‘nursing home’ … why?  Over the years, nursing homes have evolved into what is known as Skilled Nursing Facilities.  Skilled Nursing Facilities, or SNFs, are able to take care of more acute patients with aggressive clinical and rehabilitative needs.  A SNF is no longer for “old people” they are now a rehabilitative facility with a highly qualified nursing, therapeutic and physician staff.

A few things to do prior to choosing a SNF:
Ask around.  Word of mouth and personal experience speaks millions.
Tour the facility.  See the facility for yourself.  Does the staff interact with patients?  Is the staff happy?  Is the facility clean?  Is the DON (Director of Nursing) or the DOR (Director of Rehab) approachable and knowledgeable?
Ask questions.  How often does a Doctor round?  What kind of results does the rehab team produce?  What kind of programs are there for patients?
Ask the Physician.  Ask you or your loved one’s Physician what their thoughts are on the SNF and the care provided there.  Ask the same questions to your Surgeon.  Would these medical professionals recommend a particular SNF?  If so, make sure to tour and ask Admissions questions.
Trust your gut instinct.  How did you feel after touring or having all of your questions answered?  Does the SNF feel ‘right’?

This is just a starting off point.  Hope this helps.

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