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SNFs. New Five-Star Rating System.

The time has come where CMS has created a new 5-star rating system for Skilled Nursing Facilities across the nation representing over 16,000 facilities.  The new rating system will make the decision making process a little easier for patients and/or their families when it comes to choosing a SNF.  This new Zagat-like rating system is only to assist in the research for finding a quality facility.  I always strongly suggest that family and friends visit the facility and meet the team (administrative staff, nursing and rehab) to get a feel as to what kind of attention the patient and family will receive.  USAToday had written a great article regarding this new 5-star rating system on December 20, 2008, here is the link:


First of all, you may be asking yourself what is CMS?  CMS is the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  In Pribble’s terms, CMS assists Facilities by establishing guidelines to ensure quality healthcare is given.  In addition to establishing guidelines, Pribble likes to refer to CMS as an invisible managed care entity managing Medicare.

Now we have CMS somewhat established or identified, onto the next step: How do I access the five-star rating system?

Easy.  Just visit this website:  http://www.medicare.gov/NHCompare/Include/DataSection/Questions/ProximitySearch.asp
Then, follow the easy instructions to find a listing of Skilled Nursing Facilities located in your area.  And voila! the results populate your computer screen with all of the facilities in your area and with corresponding rankings.

Please remember this is just another tool or resource for the community.  This rating system is to create an easy to read tool for your hunt on a SNF or Nursing Home.  Hope this assists with your search in finding the most suitable Skilled Nursing Facility for short term care rehabilitation or long term care.  For a couple of pointers on your search for a SNF, please read the section below on Skilled Nursing Facilities. 

 Have an Amazing Day!


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