Veterans Wall in St. Peter, IL

Veterans Wall in St. Peter, IL

A long long time ago (ok, well maybe not that long)…in the wonderful city of Yokosuka Japan a most indescribable event occurred.  All of the towns people, full of Japanese women clothed in kimono gowns and Japanese men protecting their households upholding the samurai tradition, were excited to hear of the wondrous event.  All of the people gathered together in celebration for what was to come.  With the ground gently melting the new fallen snow, also did the world gently embrace this new being….

Ok, enough of the kodak style story.  Onto reality.  According to Pribble.

I was born in a Naval hospital in Yokosuka Japan.  From stories my mother has shared, I was born during the colder months of spring when the snow still fell from the sky.  My father was also there at the hospital excitedly waiting my arrival.  From what I have gathered from other men my father is apparently the only man that wanted a daughter as his first child.  When a man has been told by his wife, or significant other, or friend with beneifts, that he is going to be a father…one thing jumps into his mind.  And it’s not only “Oh Sh$%”.  It’s also “I’m gonna have a boy”.  A little replica of the father to carry the legacy of him, his blood, his name.

As the nurse approached my father to share the news of his new child, he kindly interrupted her “I know, it’s a girl”.  After the nurse asked how he knew, his response was “I just knew I was going to have a baby girl and her name is Michelle”.  Talk about a man so sure of me.  Till this day he shares this story at least two times a year.  So began the first chapter of my life, the beginning of my world.  Oh, I’m not Japanese I was just born there.

As I had grown I was fortunate enough to not move around frequently, with my father being in the Navy and all.  Instead we had lived in the Philippines for a couple of years then moved to the beautiful Island of Oahu.  When I say beautiful, I’m not exaggerating.  The water looks pure, the waves are magnificent, there is a constant cool breeze blowing…and just about on a daily basis I would see a rainbow.  Luckily I grew up in Hawaii.  Well, I consider it my home at least.

My story finally changes location just before I start High School.  The new location is Orlando Florida.  So, HERE I AM!

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