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May 5, 2010 Leave a comment

While I was driving to Shreveport today, I started thinking about the things I consider to be ‘must haves’ during my travels. During about 10-15 minutes of my 6 hour journey, this is what I came up with:

  1. A fuel efficient car – there are times I travel every other week out of town and I am constantly in the car. One thing I have learned to appreciate is the decreased stops for gas with a fuel efficient car, allowing me to get to my destination sooner. Also, with the cost of gas– I prefer to expense $25 versus $50 to fill up the tank. Driving a Dodge Avenger with Flex Fuel has allowed me to save money and time while traveling.

  3. Sirius radio – When I am renting a car, the car MUST have Sirius radio. If I cannot find that little sticker with the doggie on it slapped on a window, I move onto the next car. The array of entertainment on a Sirius radio is endless from current events to comedy stations.

  5. Aux output and cord – another MUST when choosing a rental. Although Sirius radio is entertaining, sometimes the stations are redundant and I want to listen to something a little different. Which leads to my next traveling staple…

  7. iPhone – do I really need to explain? I am able to check the weather, my emails, local restaurants, tweet, Sudoku and most importantly – with the Aux option in my rental, I can listen to my personal choosing of music or to a podcast (I’m in Sales – podcasts are wonderful).

  9. Garmin – How can I get to where I want to go, if I don’t know where I’m going? I am also able to save my favorite places and find stores, gas stations, restaurants, etc.

  11. Computer – for work and leisure. Who needs television? I can watch DVDs, compile reports…work on anything I may have brainstormed during my driving excursion J

  13. Dark Denim jeans – (sorry, I am a woman) perfect for heading out to dinner and a night cap without having to change my entire outfit. After working a long day, I want to be efficient as possible to enjoy my leisure time with co-workers and bosses.

  15. A Book or two – some entertaining in the quietness of my hotel room. Again, who needs television?

  17. Bottled water – Goodness, the cost for purchasing a soda, bottled water or have a drink delivered to your room is too expensive. I will just head to a local grocery store or Target (love that place) pick-up a 6 or 8-pack of bottled water for just a couple of dollars. And voila, water in my hotel room and in my car anytime I want something to drink. Side note: If you stay at a Hilton they usually provide a couple of bottled waters

  19. POINTS!!!! – I am enrolled in every point membership program affiliation (whatever they may be called) for every hotel, airline, car rental company I use. In less than a year, I have earned a free roundtrip ticket, free car rentals and a two night hotel stay. Capitalize on the point system it is worth it.

  21. An imagination – If you are on the road as long as I am and the music or podcasts are too much. Just turn everything off, enjoy the scenery and open your mind. This is where the voice recorder on an iPhone or Blackberry (haven’t owned any other phone in years, so can’t vouch for other brands) come into play. Especially when I have a presentation, I can record my thoughts while I am driving. Then when I arrive home or at the hotel room I can type key points from my recording.

Happy and safe travels!



Now. Update.

August 9, 2009 Leave a comment

So, as I look at this blog to see the date of my last entry…I am surprised. Apparently I have taken a seven month intermission (or slacking off…but I prefer intermission) from updating my online world. Since January I have had a few life changing events happen. Nope, not pregnant. I have managed to stay dedicated to my company and am blessed to have received a promotion. Now with this glorious promotion, I have been relocated to the wonderful world that is known as New Orleans Louisiana. I must say, New Orleans can sound somewhat intimidating but has become a new chapter to this amazing life according to Pribble. Prior to my relocation…I have been legally changed from a ‘Pribble’ to a ‘Thomas’. Yup, I married my beau of six years and have been in utter bliss since April.

Pribble has gotten married. Received an AMAZING promotion. Moved to another world. What is next? I don’t know. The sky is the limit and I truly believe that. Surround yourself with ‘giants’ and the only way to go is UP!

I will share some of my trials and tribulations in the workplace. Lately, although I have the unidentified role as a ‘teacher’ I am the one learning. I am open to learning and growing. What I learn and how I grow will be my theme for the coming blogs. If you know me, then you know it will be hard for me to stay to just ONE topic.

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Good Read.

January 22, 2009 Leave a comment


I love to read books, both fictional and non-fictional.  The great thing about a non-fiction book is the ability to apply suggestions or techniques in real life.

I generally spend a minimum of 2 hours in my car every day during work.  My office is my car.  What better time to multitask than when driving.  No, I am not suggesting dial or text message while driving.  Nor am I suggesting to email while driving.  However, the iPhone is a brilliant invention that is easy on the eyes, durable and has a million (I’m exaggerating) different uses.  Most importantly, the iPhone has the capability to download podcasts or audiobooks!  I LOVE IT!

An audiobook I recently downloaded was Think Big and Kick A$$ by Donald Trump and Bill Zanker.  The book has a great no BS type vibe that shoots it to you straight.  There is nothing I like more than to not beat around the bush and shoot it to me straight…tell me like it is.  With Bill Zanker narrating, he is able to give that Donald Trump umph when listening to the audiobook.  When I get to my next destination to visit a client, the moment I step foot onto the cement and close the car door – I’m in the zone.

If you have read this book or own the audiobook, I would love to hear your thoughts!


SNFs. New Five-Star Rating System.

January 22, 2009 Leave a comment

The time has come where CMS has created a new 5-star rating system for Skilled Nursing Facilities across the nation representing over 16,000 facilities.  The new rating system will make the decision making process a little easier for patients and/or their families when it comes to choosing a SNF.  This new Zagat-like rating system is only to assist in the research for finding a quality facility.  I always strongly suggest that family and friends visit the facility and meet the team (administrative staff, nursing and rehab) to get a feel as to what kind of attention the patient and family will receive.  USAToday had written a great article regarding this new 5-star rating system on December 20, 2008, here is the link:

First of all, you may be asking yourself what is CMS?  CMS is the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  In Pribble’s terms, CMS assists Facilities by establishing guidelines to ensure quality healthcare is given.  In addition to establishing guidelines, Pribble likes to refer to CMS as an invisible managed care entity managing Medicare.

Now we have CMS somewhat established or identified, onto the next step: How do I access the five-star rating system?

Easy.  Just visit this website:
Then, follow the easy instructions to find a listing of Skilled Nursing Facilities located in your area.  And voila! the results populate your computer screen with all of the facilities in your area and with corresponding rankings.

Please remember this is just another tool or resource for the community.  This rating system is to create an easy to read tool for your hunt on a SNF or Nursing Home.  Hope this assists with your search in finding the most suitable Skilled Nursing Facility for short term care rehabilitation or long term care.  For a couple of pointers on your search for a SNF, please read the section below on Skilled Nursing Facilities. 

 Have an Amazing Day!


January 22, 2009 Leave a comment
*from website

*from website

Working in Long Term Care I have had the opportunity to learn about Medicare and how it helps with healthcare coverage.  Working in Long Term Care has also showed me a lot of people with Medicare Coverage do not understand what coverage they may have nor what Medicare Replacement Coverage they may have.  One tool I have found helpful for patients, family members and myself is to visit the Official Medicare Website:

This website has an overabundance of information and tools to help make wise decisions when choosing Medicare Replacement Plans or Medicare Part D Prescription Plans.

I highly suggest to bookmark this site and to subscribe to the rss feed, getting up to date information on Medicare.