Now. 2009.

PGO Open House

PGO Open House

In Orlando, I have gone to school…and gone to school…and, lucky me, I am still going to school 🙂  Aside from school, I am part of a loving family, own an honory husky and am dating Drew.  In the midst of school, family and friends I have also found time to work.

Currently, at work I am fortunate to be surrounded by people making a difference in others’ lives by improving quality of life.  The team I work with is amazing and my boss isn’t so bad either 😉  Actually, I really can’t complain.  The company I work for is privately owned, therefore tending to the needs and desires of customers is easier and more fulfilling.  Sales and Marketing has been my focus for the past 6 years or so and I love it.  Even the stressful times.  Nope, I’m not a masochist.  I just enjoy a challenge and ways to overcome barriers.  Perhaps, working with good people help make the stressful times more enjoyable.

I work in a Skilled Nursing Facility focusing on Rehabilitation.  The changes I see in patients, the strong bonds between patient and spouse/parent and children, and the joy of discharged patients are amazing.  There are times I have to hold my tears back when meeting people of untold stories or even stories that belong only in movies, not reality (about relationships).

Along my road, I have not only met many people acquiring healthcare services…I have also crossed the paths of determined resilient people.  I once heard “If you want to become a giant, you must surround yourself with giants” and my job gives me the opportunity to be surrounded by ‘giants’ everyday in the business world.  People who dream big dreams, think of unimaginable goals, and then go for it!  Talk about being surrounded by powerful people.  These giants are the type of people, that when they have stumbled they simply get back on their feet, brush the dust off their knees, refuse to look back, and start going again with more desire.

By sharing a few of my Nows I am able to share important information in the healthcare realm and motivation.  I have learned through my short years of working in healthcare there is a dire need of education.  Many want to make educated decisions about their health or their loved ones health and do not always know where to start.  My goal under the Healthcare. blog is to share resources or any bits of information that may be useful to learn about you or your loved one’s healthcare. 

The Motivation. blog will share business ideas, motivation, and suggested reads.  I hope the Motivation. blog can be a resource to business people for fresh new ideas or to dust off some old ideas bringing back it’s vibrancy.  Another thing I have learned through my years as a business professional is we love resources and to learn of things “outside of the box” or just a little push to remind us why we do what we do and to keep trudging forward.


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